When any organisation is undergoing radical change the leader needs several qualities including the ability to communicate a vision for the future of the organisation. To successfully manage change the leader needs to be able to undertake three activities – The 3 E’s as I usually refer to them:

1. Envisioning

Creating a vision that people can accept and which generates excitement. This provides a way to ensure that people are working towards a common goal. It is also important to get commitment to the change and to ensure that people are signed up to it. So the next “E” is …

2. Energising

Generating motivation by demonstrating their own personal excitement and energy. Expressing confidence in the ability to succeed and finding examples of success to celebrate. And the final “E” is …

3. Enabling

Helping people to act or perform even under challenging circumstances. This can be done in a variety of different ways but empathy – the ability to listen to, understand and share the feelings of others – is important.

Leading Change with E’s
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