Who should attend?

  • A certified Master Practitioner of NLP looking to take the career step into becoming a fully certified NLP Trainer?
  • A professional looking to develop training and presenting skills to widen your scope?
  • Looking to make a career change into becoming a professional Trainer?

What will I do? 

For the first time, you will not only learn HOW to be an outstanding Trainer, you will also be shown how to design, and run, an effective training programme using the powerful methods of the top Trainers.  You will leave the course fully prepared to train like the experts!  As an aspiring NLP Trainer, you will leave ready to run your first full NLP programme!  We will provide you with all the skills you need to succeed!  All you need to provide is the commitment to do so.

We will even provide you with basic course manuals on disc for both NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner training that you will be licensed to use for twelve months whilst you are building your training business and preparing your own materials!

What will I learn?

This programme is dedicated 100% to the skills and awareness required to become an outstanding Trainer.  Skills such as:

  • Understanding how to motivate people to learn
  • Understanding group dynamics and group rapport skills
  • How to design a structured, effective training – whether it is NLP or any other training
  • The ways in which people learn most effectively – and how to utilise them
  • How to use your voice and physiology to create a mesmerising stage presence
  • How to design exercises that ensure the learner is on an effective learning path
  • Stagecraft skills that will work at the unconscious level to hold your audience throughout a course
  • How to manage and modulate the states in your audience
  • Skills for effective demonstrations
  • How to coach learners and get the very best out of them
  • Using stories and metaphor to create powerful accelerated learning processes in the mind
  • How you can use hypnotic language to educate at an unconscious level
  • Techniques to help learners integrate the learning experience in the most effective way for them
  • Powerful observation and listening skills
  • How to work with resistant learners effectively
  • The art of giving high quality feedback that will stimulate learning and support the learner, and facilitating others in doing the same
  • How to assess learners for certification – and how to bring on those who are not where they need to be
  • Using audio and visual aids
  • The “business” of being an NLP Trainer

Who is eligible to join this programme?

This is intended as an inclusive programme.  What does that mean?  If you have an NLP Master Practitioner certification from any of the recognised bodies then you are welcome to participate.  That includes:


If your certification is not from one of the above then please contact us anyway as we don’t want to print an exhaustive list of bodies and we aim to be inclusive so we’re happy to discuss your requirements.

If you have no NLP certification then you are still welcome to participate.  Upon graduation you will receive a certificate as “Certified Business Trainer.”  The same will apply if you have NLP experience but have not yet achieved your Master Practitioner certification.

This is an inclusive programme


The unique element of this programme is that it concentrates on the ability to TRAIN at the very highest level.  You will not learn any new NLP here.  What you WILL learn is how to facilitate your students in the very best learning experience by using NLP in a new way. You will learn how to USE powerful NLP skills and techniques to train.

The certification process

You will be assessed for certification on the following basis:

  • Content knowledge of a range of patterns and knowledge from NLP at all levels (NLP Trainer candidates)
  • Ability to demonstrate skill, ecology and excellence in:
    • stage skills
    • designing and giving presentations
    • demonstration of selected subjects
    • framing and coaching an exercise
    • leading an open question session with a group of students
  • Attitude to self, others and the presuppositions of NLP as demonstrated at all times during the programme

Successful completion of the training process will be rewarded by the presentation of one of the following:

  1. If you have no prior certification in NLP, you can graduate as a “Certified Business Trainer”
  1. For those participants who come with a prior recognised certification as Master Practitioner, the certification as “Certified Trainer of NLP” will be awarded upon successful graduation

Your certification is accredited by the International NLP Federation (INLPF). Your Master Practitioner, Philip Cullen, is European Director for INLPF and his signature, together with the seal of the Federation, give evidence of the quality and ethics of your training and the validity of your certification.

Introducing your guide on this fascinating journey

Philip Cullen is a professional Coach, Consultant and Inspirational Speaker with an international track record of success and impressive credentials.  To date, he has worked with organisations and individuals from over 30 countries including the UK, Western and Northern Europe, China, India, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey, the Middle East and the USA.

With a successful business career of over 25 years in a variety of business roles from Field Sales, through Key Account Management to Board level appointment in the IT and Telecoms sectors, Phil has a wealth of real-world experience and wisdom that he calls upon in his highly solution-focused work with clients.

Building upon that experience, Phil added his studies in Advanced NLP, Coaching and Personal Development in revolutionising people’s attitudes to business.

Phil is an Accredited Master Practitioner of NLP and works with NLP bodies including the International NLP Trainers Association, the International NLP Federation and ANLP (India).