Who should attend?

Sports Coaches                                                  Life Coaches

Therapists                                                          Managers

Trainers                                                              HR professionals

Teachers                                                             Business Owners

Lecturers                                                            Students

Healthcare professionals                                  Parents


What will I do?

Running over three modules of four days, this extended learning programme will give you all the skills and understanding you need to become a fully certified Practitioner of NLP.  Not only that but you will ALSO receive, upon successful graduation, a Diploma in Quantum Transformation, the unique personal change process created by Philip Cullen and used to incredible success in his coaching work.

Course Overview

  • The background and history of NLP
  • The Presuppositions that underpin NLP
  • Setting motivating and effective goals
  • The Four Principles of NLP
  • The Milton Model – the language of influence
  • The Meta Model – questions that cut to the heart of the issue
  • Metaphor – stories for change
  • Managing emotional states using NLP
  • Creatinve problem solving
  • Building effective relationships
  • Working with phobias
  • Dealing with internal conflict and indecision
  • Chaging unuseful beliefs and unwanted habits
  • Using hindsight for a whole new way of planning
  • Scope of practice and ethics in using NLP
  • PLUS
  • The Quantum Transformation Process for change

Successful graduation will earn you certification as a “Certified Practitioner of NLP” and your certificate will be accredited by the International Federation for Coaching and NLP (IFCNLP).  Your Trainer, Philip Cullen is INLPF Director (Europe).  You will also receive a Diploma in Quantum Transformation from Phil’s company, the Philip Cullen Partnership.


Your guide on the journey will be Philip Cullen.  Phil is a Master Practitioner of NLP with extensive experience gained through working with thousands of people from over 30 countries around the world.  His style is engaging, fun and thought provoking and, unlike many of the top Trainers, Phil prefers to work with smallergroups for a more intimate and intensive learning experience.  All of this will ensure that you not only get to enjoy every minute of your learning experience but that it will be one that arms you with all the skills you need to become a truly excellent Practitioner of NLP.