NLP Master Practitioner

(including Hypnosis Practitioner & Quantum Transformation Practitioner)

This twelve-day NLP Master Practitioner certification will build upon your Practitioner level knowledge by adding a deeper awareness, new skills, broader application understanding.

This is an extensive study programme, which means that you will have ample opportunity to reflect on your learning from each stage and practice your new skills.

Why become a Master Practitioner of NLP?

The Master Practitioner programme is the next step on the fascinating journey of self-discovery and understanding that is NLP.  Mastery brings with it a far deeper awareness and understanding of NLP.  Many corporate organisations now utilise NLP training to Master Practitioner level as part of their professional development strategy for middle and senior managers and members of the public seeking an “NLP person” will more often opt for one with the “Master Practitioner” tag.

What will I learn?

The NLP Master Practitioner programme is very different in nature to the Practitioner programme.  Here, you will learn much through personal study, discussion and research as well as through the presentations and demonstrations from your Trainer, Philip Cullen.

Phil is an outstanding International Trainer of NLP and he will take you on a journey of discovery into the “psychology” of NLP. Your learning journey will include:

  • Metaprogrammes and their language and behaviour
  • Personal Style Inventory and its application
  • Values and how they drive behaviours, including:

–            The Graves Model of Values development

–            Contexts and hierarchies

–            Working with Values conflicts

–            Applications in business and coaching

  • Advanced Timeline patterns
  • Advanced Language patterns including Dilts’s Sleight of Mouth
  • The Logical Levels of Change – individual and corporate applications
  • The Breakthrough Process for emotional clearing
  • Stage magic – advanced presenting skills using NLP
  • Advanced Behavioural Modelling (ABM) – the very heart of NLP
  • Working with NLP and Hypnosis – how to successfully combine two powerful intervention methods


Full Hypnosis Practitioner certification


  • Understanding Hypnosis and its applications
  • Simple trance induction
  • Deepening trance
  • Applications and scripts
  • Scope of practice


Quantum Transformation™ Practitioner

Philip Cullen’s own cutting edge personal change process

Each subject will be covered in depth with additional personal study projects between each module to help you increase your knowledge and understanding whilst practicing new skills.



Successful graduation will bring the status of “Certified NLP Master Practitioner” and your certificate will be signed personally by Philip Cullen, An International NLP Master Practitioner with an impressive track record and pedigree.

A key element of this programme is a personal project based on the Behavioural Modelling process.  Participants will have an excellent opportunity to put all of their learning to good use in carrying out a Behavioural Modelling project and presenting their individual findings, receiving feedback from their peers and Learning Guides.

Assessment for certification will be based upon:

  • Full attendance of the programme
  • Attitude and Behavioural Mastery
  • Ability to learn and utilise the skills and patterns as taught
  • Theory knowledge based on a home-study questionnaire project
  • Satisfactory completion and presentation of a Behavioural Modelling project

Your certificate will be accredited by the International NLP Federation (INLPF) and will carry its seal as evidence of the quality and ethics of your Trainer and your training.  Your Trainer, Philip Cullen, is European Director for INLPF.


Prior learning

This programme is open to any participant holding an NLP Practitioner certificate from a recognised and accredited NLP Trainer.  This may include:


If your certificate is not from one of the above then please contact us to discuss your needs – we aim to be inclusive wherever possible.