Introduction to Hypnosis

There is a great deal of myth and misunderstanding surrounding Hypnosis. This programme, designed specifically for those with a background in NLP, will bring clarity at the same time as helping participants to develop a range of effective skills to add to their NLP toolkit for working with clients in a safe and ethical manner.

Who should attend?

Previous certification at NLP Practitioner level is a prerequisite for participation. Thus, the programme is open to anybody at Practitioner level or higher with certification from any recognised body. This includes INLPTA, SNLP, ABNLP or an ANLP Accredited Trainer.


Successful completion of the programme will result in certification as a “Certified Practitioner of NLP Hypnosis”. Your certificate will carry the seal of the International NLP Federation (INLPF). Your Trainer, Philip Cullen, is INLPF Director (Europe) and you can be assured of a learning experience committed to professionalism, ethics and quality.

The criteria for assessment are:
· Full attendance
· Attitude of ecology to self and others
· Demonstration of skills and knowledge integration

What will I learn?

This will be a highly practical programme with plenty of opportunity to practice the new skills you develop. Content will include:

· Hypnosis – separating myth, mystery and fact
· The functions of the unconscious mind
· What is ‘trance’?
· The physical manifestation of trance
· Simple and effective induction methods – a selection of ways to help your client experience trance
· Deepening trance – how to do it and why to do it
· You got them in, now how to bring them out
· Working with hypnosis scripts
· Blending Hypnosis and NLP for a powerful change process
· Scope of practice – ethics, boundaries and some things to think about
The Quantum Transformation Process – a revolutionary fast-transformation pattern developed by Ralph Watson. Participation and graduation on this programme will earn you certification as a Quantum Transformation Practitioner AND NLP Hypnosis Practitioner certificates

Two Certificates – One Great Workshop

Day One 10 till 5pm
Day Two 9 till 5
Day Three 9.30 to 4pm