Selling Success

Supercharge your sales results in just ONE day

Q.  Are you a Sales Professional or considering becoming one?

Q.  Do you want to enjoy sustained and regular target-plus achievement?

Q.  Do you want to enjoy the trappings that come with that success?


There is little doubt that we are passing through a period of “interesting” economic challenge.  It is at times like this that those of us in the profession (yes, profession) of “Sales” must utilise all of our skills and fill any gaps by developing new and deeper awareness.  This one-day seminar, created and led by Philip Cullen, an internationally acclaimed consultant, Leader and Negotiating specialist, will help you do just that – and it will require an investment of just ONE day of your valuable time.

With a successful sales career spanning over 25 years, Phil will share with you the secrets of some of the best business closers from around the world.

He will show you:

  • How to plan for success
  • How to use non-verbal communication to influence the thoughts of others
  • How to turbo-charge your language for success
  • How to harness unconscious mental strategies to influence decision making
  • How to motivate yourself at all times
  • How to use unconscious persuasion patterns that get a “Yes”
  • The Four-Step proposal that WORKS
  • The power of 1%
  • How to build a Power Network that brings business while you sleep

In short, the secrets of the most successful sales people, including himself.

This will be a fast-paced and interactive experience, not a lecture!  You will have an opportunity to discuss what you learn, ask questions, develop new contacts and have fun while you prepare for Supercharged Success.

Each participant will also received a signed copy of Phil’s acclaimed book on negotiating, “Countermove”.

Where, when and how much?

This fast-paced, interactive and fun seminar will take place at our Midlands venue in Rugby on 6th July and places will be limited so visit our booking page right now to secure your seat and avoid disappointment.