Negotiating Skills

Course overview

Who is this for?

This course is for managers who need to negotiate at a senior level and who are involved in strategic contract negotiations or in the creation of service level agreements.

What is the course about?

The course provides the negotiating skills and techniques to help you in managing professionally the planning, delivery and closing of negotiations. You will learn how to assess and manage risks in the negotiation, read the non-verbal signals being given out by those who you are negotiating with, manage the emotional and behavioural elements in the negotiation and make your offer professionally to secure the desired outcome.

What will I learn?

• Techniques for assessing your position and that of the others involved in your negotiation.
• Objective setting and the creation of options in the preparation and delivery of bids and contracts.
• Recognising and understanding non-verbal communication in yourself and in others.
• The cultural differences that impact on the negotiating process.
• The use of influencing and persuasion in the negotiation process.
• Robert Cialdini’s Six Laws of Influence and how to use them.
• How to propose, bargain and close the deal for a “win:win” position
• Identifying the “best alternative to a negotiated agreement” (BATNA)

What will I take away?

• A toolkit offering a range of options for bargaining and closing the deal.
• The ability to assess risk and implement contingency in the event of non-agreement.
• Techniques to establish a positive negotiating environment.
• An understanding of the non-verbal elements of a negotiation.
• The ability to manage the emotional and behavioural dimension of negotiations.

How long is it for?

This course is scheduled over 2 full days

Other Information

Each participant will be provided with a Workbook on Negotiation Skills and Techniques including a range of forms and templates to be used in the planning and delivery of successful negotiations.