Who should attend?

This course is for those thinking about the implementation of a 360º feedback process; those organisations who want to review and evaluate their current processes against current best practices and for facilitators and coaches of the 360º process who wish to develop their feedback processes.

What will I do?

Delegates will be able to identify what their organisation expects from 360º degree feedback process and assess that organisational strategy against current best practice in the industry. You will be able to work through the 360º facilitation process in a sequential way e.g. interpretation, process management, facilitation of the interview and finally coaching), and then put it all together for a final evaluation.

Course Overview

The creation and implementation of a planned training and development strategy is essential in ensuring that your organisation identifies, develops and retains its most gifted employees. Focussing on the development of your current staff and then using those internal candidates to fill key management and leadership positions through an effective succession planning process will significantly reduce your costs of recruitment.

What will I learn?

How to design and implement a world-class 360 feedback process
Prepare the organisation for the introduction of the 360 process
Identify the features of, and conduct, an effective facilitation session
Deal with objections during a 360 feedback process facilitation
Design and develop a development plan for your candidate
Review and evaluate your 360 degree feedback process to provide maximum return of investment for the organisation.