Certified Coaching Programme

The first steps to becoming a professional Coach!


Coaching is already acknowledged as one of the most powerful processes in enhancing performance in business, sport and life itself.  The profession of Coaching is now widely accepted as one of skill and wisdom in most parts of the world.  This programme has been designed, and will be delivered, by two experienced leading professional coaches, each with an extensive track record of success in both executive and personal coaching.

Who should attend?

Coaching is used in a wide variety of settings and so this programme will appeal to just about anybody interested in helping others achieve their personal potential. Past participants on our programmes have included:

Sports Coaches                                                  Life Coaches

Therapists                                                          Managers

Trainers                                                              HR professionals

Teachers                                                             Business Owners

Lecturers                                                            Students

Healthcare professionals                                   Parents

What will I do?

It is our intention to ensure that you have a solid base upon which to build your future as a Coach.

This comprehensive certification programme is composed of two key learning elements:

1)      Ten days of workshop activity over five modules of two days and at monthly intervals.  Here you will begin to build new skills and understanding of the process and techniques used in effective coaching. Your guides on the programme will share their knowledge and experience, revising a safe and supportive environment in which to learn with effective feedback constantly given and shared.

2)      Approximately forty hours of personal study projects designed to help you apply your learning, build up your skill level and reflect on what you have learned.  This will include a reading list, practical exercises, case study work with your own volunteer ‘clients’ and keeping a reflective online journal.

What will I learn? 

  • Coaching or mentoring – which is which and when?
  • The Four Obstacles to Performance – and how to deal with them
  • Coaching models and choosing the one that suits you – and your clients
  • Advanced communication
  • Determining the client’s goals – and how to help them when they don’t know
  • Balancing the Wheel of Life – understanding the client’s focus of attention and its impact on their life-balance
  • The ‘psychology’ of coaching – how to tap into personal motivators and unconscious programmes to help build success
  • Bringing NLP into coaching – an introduction to NLP in the coaching context
  • The “Presenting Issue” – coaching in the moment with arising issues that may take the client off-track physically and emotionally
  • Coaching with groups
  • Coaching Vs Therapy – which is which and when to refer on
  • Supervision – who coaches the coach and motivates the motivator?
  • The “business” of coaching – how do you attract clients and what do you do with them?


Introducing your guides

Philip Cullen, is a leading Coach with massive experience in coaching private individuals, Executives and sports people over more than ten years.  He is also a Master Practitioner of NLP and uses a fascinating combination of NLP, Accelerated Learning, Coaching and Emotional Intelligence to create a powerful learning experience that you will never forget.

Phil Cullen MBA has a tremendous track record of success in executive coaching working with senior managers in both the public and private sectors. Phil is a Faculty Member of Henley Business School, a certified Coach, certified NLP Coach and has helped over 10,000 (yes, ten THOUSAND) businesses succeed.

Between the two of them, Phil and Phil will steer you on a path towards success as a professional Coach.  All you need is the desire to make the journey.

And then?

Successful graduation will earn you recognition as a “Certified Coach”, which will enable you to apply for membership of a recognised coaching body such as the Association for Coaching and to gain the necessary insurance cover for your practise.

Assessment for certification will include:

  • Completion of classroom work
  • Personal study projects
  • Submission of a written case study from a minimum of 12 hours of client coaching
  • Submission of a reflective piece on your learning experiences and how you applied them

As you can see, both the training AND the assessment are thorough.  This is deliberately designed to set you apart as a professional.