Personal effectiveness and how to get it

When we are asked to describe people we know who are excellent at their job, we mention their skills and understanding of the things they do. So, if we know an excellent manager we may talk about his or her knowledge of operations management, leadership, running their business etc.

In addition to talking about their knowledge, skills and abilities most of us would also mention personal qualities such as `they  get people to work well together’, or, `they always listen to what people have to say’, or `they are always looking to improve’. Personal effectiveness and goalsThese qualities apply to excellent people in all situations whether in working lives or their personal life.

It is also interesting to note that they apply to people of all ages and at all levels of employment within organisations. It is these qualities which are referred to as personal competencies, the development of which can lead to personal effectiveness.

There is nothing new in the idea of personal competence. It has long been recognised that personal competence (personal qualities or personal effectiveness) often makes the difference between being seen as competent at something and
being seen as incompetent.

There are a variety of perspectives and approaches to personal effectiveness which have resulted in the subject being criticised as vague and lacking clarity of definition. We are not going to deny that a certain amount of confusion exists. What we are
going to do is to ask you to explore your views on your personal effectiveness and look at how they fit in relation to your job.

What is Personal Effectiveness?