Leading Change with E’s

Leading Change with E’s

When any organisation is undergoing radical change the leader needs several qualities including the ability to communicate a vision for the future of the organisation. To successfully manage change the leader needs to be able to undertake three activities –

Fancy some people watching?

Fancy some people watching?

You’ve probably played bull**** bingo well … the next time you are in a meeting watch out for the following and their behaviour; Bulldog – all aggression and barking Carthorse – everything by the book Monkey – know it all

Leadership and Management

What are the difference between a Leader and a Manager? Some critics argue that leadership and management are the same thing because leadership is simply one facet of the management role. Other critics argue that there is a definite distinction. Leaders and

Bad management skills holding back UK business

Earlier this year the Chartered Management Institute produced a report along with Henley Business School and Penna which identified that; “Nearly half of UK line managers ‘are ineffective’, while also showing how management and leadership skills can drive up UK performance”. Now the Institute of Leadership and

Leadership: The Steve Jobs Way

Much has been written about Steve Jobs both before his untimely death and subsequently. There is no doubt that he was instrumental in turning around the fortunes of Apple since returning to the copmany that he formed al of those years before.

Investment in people is vital to stimulate growth, say FSP – Training Journal

Investment in people is vital to stimulate growth, say FSP – Training Journal.

The Thought Leader Interview: Meg Wheatley

An expert on innovative leadership warns that too many companies are reverting to fear-driven management. Instead, executives should hold to their values and build healthy corporate communities. The Thought Leader Interview: Meg Wheatley.

Employee Engagement through the Gallup Q12

Over a great many years Gallup the US pollsters have been looking at Employee Engagement and they have created a poll of 12 questions that go like this; The Q12 Index 1) Do you know what is expected of you

Google: Product chief, valley veteran Jonathan Rosenberg to step down – San Jose Mercury News

The following story illustrates issues with regards to Employee Engagement,l Leadership and Change in a climate where as it says in the article the people involved are all independently wealthy as a result of the work and commitment that they have put into the